Christmas 2004

Christmas was fun in 2004, spent the weekend in McCook, Nebraska. McCook is a nice little town in the middle of nowhere. It was good to spend time with the family. Lots of great gifts. I got a new PlayStation 2, it rocks. Christmass 2004 Album Tweet This Post


Site Redesign ..

I just redesigned the site, using WordPress. I’m really impressed with WordPress, a great blogging tool. You will notice that lots of links do not currently work. I’ll fix that, as soon as I get a chance. So check back later for the entire site. I’ll try to have it redone before the end of the year. Tweet This Post

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New PhotoGallery

I just added a photo gallery to my site. I have a few boxes of pictures that I always meant to get online. Expect the gallery to grow, I bought a digital camera and I’m having fun. Tweet This Post