UNK Indoor Track Meet

We finished the UNK High School Class C Indoor Meet on Saturday. It was a very successful day, both the boys and girls teams won the meet. Many of our athletes were gone to Close Up in Washington D.C.

You can see the detailed results at the following page: Class C Results.

Boys Team Results

1st – Hastings St. Cecilia – 93 6th – Ord – 44
2nd – Wilcox/Hildreth – 73 7th – Kearney Catholic – 22
3rd – Wood River – 63 8th – Elm Creek – 20  
4th – Gibbon – 54 9th – Hitchcock County – 15  
5th – Fullerton – 46 10th – Southwest – 4

Boys Team Highlights

Our Boys team spread the points over the entire team. Jordan Parr placed 1st in the 55 Dash and 2nd in the Long Jump. Nate Duggins placed 3rd in the 55 Dash and 3rd in the 200m. Bud Krueger placed 3rd in the 400m and Aaron Esch placed 6th in the 400m. Brennan Kitten placed 4th in the Shotput. Ben Kober placed 3rd in the Pole Vault and Nick Konen placed 6th in the Pole Vault. Nick Konen added 2 feet onto his best vault, a huge improvement!

Derek Sekora placed 3rd in the mile. Brian Neilson placed 3rd in the 3000m and Brandon Boesch placed 6th in the 3000m. Jared Jacobi placed 1st in the 800m and Josh Stovall placed 3rd in the 800m. We grabbed 1st place in the 4×800 Relay (J. Stovall, Andrew Hernandez, Zach Dubas and J. Jacobi). We placed 3rd in the 4×400 Relay (B Krueger, J. Jacobi, N. Duggins, J. Stovall).

Girls Team Results

1st – Hastings St. Cecilia – 76 7th – Fullerton – 24
2nd – Kearney Catholic – 75 8th – Ord – 23
3rd – Gibbon – 68 9th – Wood River – 18
4th – Wilcox/Hildreth – 56 10th – Elm Creek – 11  
5th – Hitchcock County – 37 11th – Hershey – 11
6th – GI Central Catholic – 28  

Girl’s Team Highlights

The distance runners were a key piece of the team, scoring over half of the points. Alyssa Farmer, Morgan Dubas, and Sarah Phillips scored 40 points in the mile and in the 3000m. Farmer and Dubas look to be strong runners, both getting the top spots in the mile and 3000m. Sarah Phillips ran very well for her first high school meet, getting 5 place in the mile and 3000m.

Alex Brosnihan had a very good day placing 2nd in the 55 hurdles and 5th in Long Jump. Josie Willmes placed 3rd in the 400m. Morgan Dubas also grabbed a 5th place in the Triple Jump. We got 1st place from our 4x800m (J. Willmes, Kaleigh Chalupa, A. Brosnihan, Hannah Kucera) and 2nd place from our 4×400 Relay (J. Willmes, A. Farmer, A. Brosnihan, H. Kucera).

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