Moved to Omaha, Ne

I’m not sure if everyone noticed yet, but I moved to Omaha, Nebraska in June. I’m living just north of the UNO campus and working in Papillion, Ne.

I lived most of my life in Hastings, going to High School and College there. In the past 5 years, I’ve been running my business out of Hastings and more recently I’ve been working for Protex Central as their IT Manager.

The biggest reason for the move was work. My responsibilities were expanding at Protex Central and I need to be in a more centralized location. They have offices in Hastings, Omaha and Des Moines. One of my new tasks at Protex is to train the staff on computer and technical issues. Driving to Des Moines from Hastings was getting to be too much, map. Also, I believe that it is a very exciting time at Protex Central, we’re taking on the new realities of the System Integration industry. Omaha will prove to be a key component of our transistion.

I want to get my Masters. I had a meeting at UNO last week about registering, unfortunately missed the Fall deadline for the Masters in Business Administration program (MBA). I’ll take the GMAT this Fall and start on classes next spring. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

I needed to explore. I’ve been living in Hastings for a long time. While it is a very special place for me, I needed to change things up. I lived in Hastings for 24 years, going to college and starting my career there. Many of my friends are in the Omaha/Lincoln area, it has been good to have a large group of friends to hang with.

Omaha has given me access to a lot more opportunities. My business, GX Concepts is running strong, we’ve been getting a steady flow of business. This has made it possible for me to hire Dustin Petersen, my brother, as a Graphic Designer in June. It looks like I will need to hire another person sometime this Fall, if the growth continues.

I miss the easy 5 minute drive to anywere in Hastings. I miss the personal small town atmosphere. And most of all, I miss coaching the kids at STC.

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