Hastings College XC/Track Reunion

How about getting back together? On September 17th we are planning a reunion, in Lincoln or Hastings. If you can make it, post a comment below.

UPDATE: We are in the process of planning the Reunion. I have created a new Post for the details. You can find them here.

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30 thoughts on “Hastings College XC/Track Reunion

  1. Who’s going to the reunion? I possibly could, if i ever get anytime off work. Anyone still running? I am getting ready for the rock and roll half marathon.



  2. I won’t be able to come for the reunion, but please send any photos taken at the event!

  3. I have the St George marathon coming up on October 1st. Then maybe a 50k later that month. I should be able to make it. I’ll be leaving from Vail, so anyone in Colorado can carpool with me.

  4. Has anyone heard about anyone else coming. I’m know that Jed Cornforth will be there. Michelle Paxton should be able to attend, last I talked to her she sounded like she was in for it.

  5. Well, I’m pretty sure that I will be there, as I am living with Jeremiah, and helping out with the team for the next two years … it will be good to see everyone again.


  6. Bryce and I are in. Mike is coming and I’m pretty sure Emily will be there. Tim lives in Lincoln so I sure hope he can come too. Is Laurie coming, this kinda was her idea wasn’t it?

  7. Why not have the reunion in Lincoln and Hastings? We all meet in Lincoln on that Saturday morning, then travel back to Hastings to see the campus, to run at Brickyard, to go to Murphy’s (or PJ’s wink wink nudge nudge). Maybe even throw a little nude 1k in there for good mesure.

  8. Oh man. This is gonna rock so hard… I can’t wait. Honestly, I don’t care where we have it as I am currently living in Lincoln, but am always up for a trip to good ole’ H-town. If we do hang out in Lincoln, anyone is invited to crash at my place if they need a place to stay.

    Fixed by Pete, corrected the Brian/Mike thing.

  9. ^^^^^ Actually the person who made that last comment was me (Mike Mahoney), not Brian. Brian must have been logged in to this site on my computer when I made the comment. Sorry for the confusion. Why do I always manage to make evrything so confusing?

  10. Some of gay people never change(nudge, wink at Brian and Mike). Ben, I hope you have not corrupted Jeremiah, yet. I am waiting for a Bryce comment.

  11. I’m going to need to know which Ryan is interested in running naked before any promises are made about those activities . . .

  12. To be fair, none of my degree’s are in english or any kind of communication. This would probably explain why i could never convince Brian to come to track practice (OH Snap).

  13. Ali you HAVE to come back to the reunion. having said that: I always heard big talk about your running abilities but never saw them, I beat you in two races, and ask anyone I’ve ever beat, you have to be pretty bad to repeat that feat.

  14. Yes, you did beat me in the drunken mile and naked mile. Rest assured, we can settle this the old fashion way. How about a good 10k or half marathon? Or we could do settle it like men with a game of tecmo bowl!!! Hey, if i can get off of work i will be there. No promises.

  15. Hey everyone! I’m so pumped at the thought of a reunion (despite all the crazy comments I just read–haha). I am really hoping I can make it–it’s very important to me to see you all and HC! I’ll swing it if I can get off of work for a couple of days. It’s a long way from Boston. I hope to see you all soon!

  16. Not sure if you have set a destination yet, but I would actually like to go back to campus and see all of the changes. It would be really great to see everyone again, even though it really sounds like only the distance team responding. :-)

  17. Hi Ivy!

    I miss you! Way to expand the comments to include stellar sprinters/jumpers too. That would be awesome to get to visit HC with you. I hope things are going well.

  18. Wait a second. Lara, is going? There is no way i am going. We are suppose to be having fun at the reunion. just kidding…

    Anyone heard from Chris Graham? He needs to be there. Brian, we can settle the running debate with a naked mile run? What do you think?

  19. Ali, you’re on. Scott, Ryan Wells and Ryan Azeltine are both pondering coming down but both need rides. Azzie apparently will be getting back into Colorado around the 15th. Haven’t heard from Chris yet but I sure hope he’ll be there. Lara for a comment like that you may need to beat Ali in a race also . . . but it sounds like he’ll only be running one . . . ;)

  20. I’ve talked to Ryan and am giving him a ride. If you have Azzie’s email or number, let me know. I don’t have either. Have him call me, 970-219-6450

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