UPDATE: Hastings College XC/Track Reunion

We are up to about 18 or 19 attendees, but there may be a few key people that haven’t replied. We need some input from everyone. The plan has been updated, you can find the latest details here.


We are meeting in Lincoln Saturday morning. The Woody Greeno Invite starts at 10am for the women and 10:45 for the men so we’ll have to make that for sure to cheer on the team. Jackie Walford is checking with the Coaching Staff at Nebraska to get a few alumni into the race. If you plan to run the race, please contact Jed Cornforth by email. If we are running, we should be there at about 8 or 8:30. If not running, we should meet around 9 or 9:30. Meeting place should be near where the team normally sets up camp (assuming it’s still the same).

Next we need a volunteer, (preferably someone in Lincoln) to find a restaurant/bar/park/gathering area that could accommodate up to 40 people (dates/spouses included) plus the team 20-30 more assuming Coach Clay wants to bring the team over to meet some of the alumni as well. This could be done in a park for a bbq as in the past (We’ll leave it up to our volunteer to decide.)

Several people have requested seeing/traveling to Hastings. The best time for this might be Friday night, but if there is enough interest, we could do it after the lunch/bbq Saturday afternoon, the only fear here is that if people head to Hastings after that, we’ll likely be split up for the rest of the day. Additionally, there is a Nebraska Football home game that day which will make the downtown area crowded.

Finally, can we get an idea who might be able to house a few people that are coming from out of town?

We Need Input

Please Vote

  • We stay in Lincoln on Saturday to hang out/party
  • We go to Hastings on Saturday. This would be after the race & BBQ in Lincoln

What We Need to Do:

  1. Email Jed Cornforth if you want to run in the Woody Greeno Invite or the Omaha Corporate Cup.
    Jed Cornforth's Email
  2. Email Brandon Petersen or Jed Cornforth if you would like to volunteer to coordinate the Saturday post race pre-football game get together meeting site etc.Jed Cornforth's EmailBrandon Petersen's Email
  3. Vote on whether or not we stay in Lincoln to hang out or go to Hastings. (Both is a possibility if several people want to go see the updates on campus and then return to Lincoln to party.)

NOTE: The Omaha Corporate Cup is Sunday morning, which a few people are participating in. (You can signup at the race for $25.) We could have a small get together in Omaha Sunday for a lunch type activity. (Probably a good reason for those wanting to do the race to stay in Lincoln as it is an 8am start and likely not reasonable to make it from Hastings.

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15 thoughts on “UPDATE: Hastings College XC/Track Reunion

  1. Selfishly, I am game for sticking around Lincoln. I don’t know who all is coming from my neck of the woods, but I don’t get into Omaha, my flight, until like 9:30 pm or something like that.

    I want to do the Woody Greeno Race, have no clue what the Omaha Cup is, but would like more info on it. So I am game for staying in Lincoln and partying. I would like to see Hastings, but the buildings will always be there, so I would rather spend quality time with everyone since it is hard for me to get out that way. Yes, I know, selfish!


  2. Hey all, staying in Lincoln sounds good to me. Mostly because I don’t travel much anymore since putting on a few hundred pounds this summer. Also I must decline racing the 8K course, for obvious reasons.
    Else I am really excited to see all of you and if you need a place to stay while in Lincoln I can try to put up with you, I mean put you up. Peace.

  3. Lincoln is fine with me. As long as I have a corner to pass out in, I’m happy. I may do the run in Omaha, but will not for sure do the one in Lincoln.

  4. Lets do it Licoln. As Laurie said the buildings in Hastings will always be there. Who else has room to sleep in Lincoln, and what should the itenerary consist of? (my vote is watch or participate in the race, eat then party)

  5. Hmmm, yes I agree that we should keep it in Lincoln. It’s easier for most people (as well as myself) and there are far more things to do in Lincoln than there are in Hastings.

    I will not be participating in either race as I just recently graduated and am still enjoying my freedom from the tyrannical grasp of the running gods (Coach Clay). Besides, I’m out of shape.

    And again, if a couple people need a couch or a floor to crash on, I have some space in my apartment.

    Also I could probably help out and call around to see what we can do as far as a lunch/pre-football game get together site goes if that is still an issue. My new email is [email protected] if anyone needs/wants to contact me.

  6. Hey guys,
    I have a final on the friday of the event and i already have a flight booked back to Colorado on saturday, so unless i can figure out a way to get my hands on a car i think i might be out of the fun, however if any of the colorado folks want to get together when they get back i should be around for a few weeks
    PS may cell # is 971 322 9791

  7. Sorry to inform everyone, but i can not make it to the reunion. Work is to hectic and i am in the process of moving to a new apartment. Get drunk and enjoy

  8. Sorry kid, i won’t be there. I just can’t get away right now. Also i am moving next weekend. You will just have to come to virginia beach

  9. Hey guys! Chip and I and our baby will be there! We would love to see all of you guys! Anyone else going to be there? Also, does anyone have more info, like what time it is?

    I hope you are all doing well!

    Take care,

    Amy :)

  10. Amy and I have an open basement and a sturdy futon to crash on for anyone who is interested or in need of a place. I will have to decline the opportunity to embarrass myself in a race as well. I’m in running shape, but definately not racing shape! I would like to run with folks who aren’t in the race on Saturday if possible. I can’t wait to see all of you!


  11. Hey everyone! I will be there! (I thought this might come as a disappointment to Ali, however now it looks like I won’t get to bug you anyway :o( I’m so pumped to come back and see all of you who can make it. The folks out here in New England think it sounds strange that I am vacationing in Nebraska. Oh well–it’s great fun to me! Can’t wait!


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