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HCXC Reunion

Hastings College Cross Country ReunionAlumni from the Hastings College Cross Country and Track team had a Reunion over the past weekend. Some came from all over the nation, Vail, Fort Collins, Phoenix, Indianapolis and Boston. We had a chance to catch up, some of us hadn’t seen each other for 5 years.

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On Friday, everyone started to show up. Once everyone was in Omaha, we met for dinner. Jed Cornforth, Mike Baptiste, Scott Miller, Ryan Wells, Brandon Petersen, Laurie Starr and friends walked around the Old Market in Omaha. We had a great time, trying several bars.

Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Lincoln to watch the Woody Greeno Invitational. A group of us ran the 5k course at Pioneer Park. It was a casual run, Chip Uhrmacher was pushing his son Xavier in a special running stroller the whole way. We saw the HC Cross Country team compete, bringing back memories of when we ran the same race.

At Lincoln, we had a chance to hang out with more people. Chip & Amy Uhrmacher, Jackie Walford, Tim Bucholz, Ben Clark, Jeremiah Lepird, Laura Parrish, Julie Baumert, Ivy Sample, Carrie & Graham Frank, Michelle Paxton, Elizabeth, Bryce Noll, Mike Mahoney, and many other friends. After the race, we headed to Valentinos for a big Alumni dinner that included the current HC Cross Country team. It was a good chance to get to know the current team. They really look like a great squad.

Next we drove to Jackie Walford’s house in Lincoln to watch the Nebraska Huskers play football. More time to talk and catch up. Thankfully, the Huskers beat Pittsburg. (Even if it was only barely by one point) Then we went to get dinner and walking around O Street in Lincoln. Lots of fun on Saturday night, just like the good old days.

On Sunday morning, we showed up to the Omaha Corporate Cup Run for a 10k race. We had lots of Alumni run the race: Jed Cornforth, Brandon Petersen, Lara Johnson, Laura Parrish, and Carrie Frank & Emily Persson. It was a good race, even though I’m still waiting for the official results 3 days later.

We then went to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat lunch and watch some Sunday football games. After lunch, we finally had to say goodbye and end the weekend. I’m really glad we had a chance to see everyone and hang out. It was a very successful weekend.

Don’t be shy and post any stories and replies about the weekend. So much happened and I know I missed lots of details.

Update: I’ve posted some email that I’ve received from other people that came. What a great time!

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