Plane Crash on Highway 6

A plane struck a TV Station Tower

After Thanksgiving weekend, my brother and I started back to Omaha. There was a winter storm coming towards Nebraska, and we were going to get ahead of it. We started the road trip down Highway 6 towards Hastings. The weather was awful, with gusting winds and random patches of downpouring rain.

About a mile past Atlanta, Nebraska, I noticed a plane heading east. It was flying low, below the clouds and dangerously close to the KLNE Channel 3 TV station tower. Suddenly the plane struck one of the tethers that held the tower up. The tower began to crumble and the plane crashed into a nearby field.

I quickly called 911, to report the crash. There was another car ahead of us that quickly drove to the TV Station, which we followed. We ran to see if anyone at the TV Station was hurt, but we found that the building was empty. The other car had gone to check the plane wreckage. Unfortunately, the passengers did not make it.

The response was immediate, we saw the County Sherriff and Fire Department very quickly at the scene. I feel really awful to know that a family will have to deal with this tragedy after the holiday. I have them in my prayers.

Update: The passengers were a couple, Daniel Walker (a 24 year old Air Force veteran), Heather Boatman (20 years old), and Daniel’s daugher Kaylee. They were planning to get married in May. They spent Thankgiving traveling to visit family and to buy a wedding dress.

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