Chronicles of Narnia

I went to the Chronicles of Narnia on Friday, going with a group of friends. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen for a while. I read the book in Junior High, it was a favorite book at the time. I thought they did a fantastic job of developing the story. I’d definitely say that it’s a must see film of the season.

The movie will generate lots of discussions about its symbolism. It will bring a healthy focus on everyone’s beliefs over the Christmas season. Our group had a good time discussing the movie afterwards, lots of great thoughts from the movie.

Narnia will be perfect for kids, you won’t find any inappropriate themes in this one. It does get intense at times, the scenes from the battles aren’t overdone though. The focus is on the struggle between good and evil, not focusing solely on violence itself.

Again, I think it’s a must see, so go buy a ticket and enjoy !

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