America’s Running Routes

I got a really cool email from USA Track & Field. They’ve been working on a new service that allows you to map out your running routes, here’s the details:

Run It. Map It. Share It. A database of America’s Running Routes. Using cutting edge technology provided by Google Maps, USATF has developed a revolutionary service, America’s Running Routes, that allows runners to map and measure their favorite running routes and then save them to the largest searchable database of running routes in the country.

Ever wonder how far your run was? Just visit America’s Running Routes, map out your run, and the distance you ran will be displayed, including mile marks along the route. Think others might enjoy your running route? Just hit the “save” button and your route will be added to the national database.

This would’ve been perfect a year ago, when I was coaching the Hastings St. Cecilia squad. I put together our favorite routes for Cross Country and Track practice:

St. Cecilia Workout Routes

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