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Back From Vail …

I got back from Vail, Colorado on Sunday Night. The trip was great, we spent the nights out in Vail Village on Mardi Gras weekend. I had the benefit of having a local, Scott Miller, lead the way around. I’m definitely jealous of everyone that gets to live and work in Vail.

I took snowboarding lessons on Friday, spending the day learning the basics. I went down Lionshead the next day, that was a bit tough. Even though I’m really sore, I had a great time. I can’t wait for my next chance to get back out snowboarding. Update: I developed the pictures from the trip.

I also did the Cordillera Moonlight Snowshoe 5k Race. It was a fun race, we started at 7pm. And despite the name, there wasn’t a Moon. So it was completely dark, and everyone had a headlamp on. It was my first time racing with snowshoes, and I fell a few times on the course. It was a great challenge, I ended up getting 29th overall. Then I won the raffle after, getting a long sleeved shirt and beanie.

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