Holy Name Fish Fry

We went to the Holy Name Fish Fry on Friday night. The line was huge! Wrapped around the building, down to the basement, through the tunnel and finally to the cafeteria. Great food and lots of fun. They went through 2,000 pounds of fish, it’s hard to imagine.

When I got in line, I bumped into Elly Hoarty. She darted off and brought over Bob McKeenan. The three of us went to South Korea, Hong Kong and China in the Summer of ’96. We went with the USA Track & Field Cultural Exchange and competed against athletes in each country. Well, the suprise was that Bob and Elly are engaged and planning to get married next summer. It’s really cool, they met each other 10 years ago on a trip to China and now they’re engaged. It was great to see everyone, I also had a chance to catch up with Julie Hoarty and the rest of the family.

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