Thanks Mom!

Thanks Mom, for everything that you’ve done for me and the rest of the family. As I reflect on the past, I see that we’re really lucky. We have the best mother you could get. I look back, and there’s too many examples to explain of the great things that you did for us. Let me brag a little bit …

My mother made sure we got the best that was available. My brothers, Nick and Alex, are Deaf and they weren’t getting everything they deserved at school. My Mom lead the charge in a court battle that lead all the way to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. That court case is often cited in other cases today, when dealing with students with disabilities. The case was extremely long and difficult, it took several years. but the outcome was wonderful. They got a better education and both my brothers are extremely capable and successful today.

Anyone who knows my Mom, will refer to her work ethic. She’s an extremely dedicated and driven women, she allows for nothing less than success. She’s a great role model and someone to emulate when at work.

She’s a wonderful source of advice, I can admit to using her many times. Always practical and realistic, I come out of a conversation with a clear head. Never afraid to set you straight, but still always comforting. I’m not sure where I’d be without that sort of advice.

I don’t think that I’m always good about telling you, and I wanted you to know how much you matter to me. How much I thank you for being such a wonderful mother.

Love you,

Brandon, Dad, Nick, Dustin, Alex, & Whitney

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