Surprise 28th Birthday Party

I turned 28th, yesterday. And my friends in Omaha threw a Birthday party that really surprised me, it was a lot of fun. That was a clever little scheme, Christine picked me up. She had a story about going to Thuc’s house and getting Gerry at his sister’s house. We got to Thuc’s house and we went to the basement to ‘take care of some stuff’ and Dan walks around the corner, saying “Happy Birthday”. I figured he was just hanging out at Thuc’s house. Then the real surprise came when everyone else popped out. My initial response was a cross between shock and amazement. I think Gerry was going for some tears, but there was none of that. :)

I coulnd’t believe that my brother’s were there. I had asked them the day before to hang out in Omaha for my Birthday, but they gave me a story about how they had other things to do. I was really impressed by the amount of work that was put into getting everyone there. This was my first surprise B-day, so that was real cool.

Christy just bought a camera this week for her Birday and took a lot of pictures:

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