Robotics Tournament at Mount Michael

On Saturday, I watched one of the most innovative High School programs I’d ever seen. Mount Michael hosted a robotics tournament where 24 High School teams competed with robots they’d assembled from the Vex Robotics Design. Each team formed an alliance with another team, to compete in a rounds where their robots needed to pick up rings, move the posts, block opponents, and more. It was fun to see smart kids use their talent and have a great time at it.

Mount Michael Robotics Tournament

Each robot was designed by the students, they were very innovative in the way they constructed the parts. This gave students an outlet to understand how to apply many of the classes that never seem to be used in their lives. Physics, calculus, geometry and algebra seem more relevant in this sort of competition.

Two teams will be attending the Nationals Competition in Atlanta, Georgia. It is exciting to see how some local teams compete, you can read more details at the following site.

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